Developed in 2012, USA Football is the new standard in football and is endorsed by the NFL. New Paltz switched over in 2015 as this program offers a safer and more detailed approach to teaching the skills for football.

Our goals as an organization are to ensure the proper teaching and fundamentals of football and cheer; emphasizing safety, sportsmanship, team work, commitment, and self confidence.

What is USA Football?

  • USA Football is committed to advancing player safety to protect the health and well-being of every child. In addition to coaching education, a key element of player health and safety is the responsibility of all coaches to conduct organized practices and teach proper fundamentals in a safer environment. There are approximately 9,300 youth tackle football organizations in the United States. Within these are approximately 2.5 million young athletes who play and 400,000 adults who coach


  • The purpose of these guidelines is to provide youth football organizations (players age 6 to 14) with recommendations to establish consistent methods designed to limit the chance for injury during structured practice sessions. This document provides youth football commissioners and coaches with heat acclimatization guidelines, clear definitions of contact and recommendation on the number of practices per week and time limits on player-to-player full contact. There is much to be learned about helmet impacts in youth sports. We remain committed to adopting the best evidence-based practices. We recognize that even with the latest research available, there is no clear consensus in this area. Accordingly, we will update these recommendations and guidelines in accordance with the evidence. Ideally, this emerging data will help us understand the potential for long-term adverse cognitive, emotional and/or neurological effects from concussions and/or other repeated head contact without associated symptoms. Based on what is known about concussions today, the guiding principles in developing these recommendations were to reasonably limit head contact and thus concussion risk.


Are the coaches certified?

  • All football and cheerleading coaches are required to pass a certification program not only for sport skills, but for safety as well
  •  Each football coach is trained in
  1.  Concussion awareness
  2. Heat and Hydration Protocols
  3. Sudden Cardiac arrest
  4. Equipment Fitting
  5. Heads Up tackling/ Blocking

Safety coaches are also selected to receive additional training and is responsible for maintaining safety protocols through out the season for all player as well as coaches.